The seeds of DRPforestry were planted over 50 years ago while working on a Boy Scout forestry merit badge. How surprising it was to discover that people do these kinds of things for a career and get paid for it!

In 1970, I received my undergraduate degree in Forest Management. A part-time job during college was helping an urban tree consultant remove trees killed by Dutch elm disease in Syracuse, New York.

While completing a degree in Watershed Science at Utah State University, I continued to help urban tree owners with their needs and learned how to harvest timber. Moving on to Bozeman, Montana I spent some time contract logging and assisting with timber harvest.

The first full-time forestry job was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 1973. Purchasing private timber and setting up timber sales was a key support position for a large timber company.

In 1977, Inland Empire Paper Company provided a job for the remainder of my career with various positions in timber inventory, silviculture (growing trees), forest management, and other industrial forestry activities. During that time I was able to complete additional graduate work in forestry and silviculture.

Now, forestry consulting is my passion. Having completed 40 years of learning about and doing forestry, I am enjoying helping you manage your woodland.