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Photo of Dennis R. Parent, consulting forester - DRPforestry

2017 in Review

Forest Management Plans
Timber harvest

DRPforestry had a busy year in 2017. The two biggest projects were developing and writing Forest Management Plans and timber harvesting, which took up about 55 percent of the total time and contacted 21 clients.



Weed spraying

Two other significant activities were herbicide application for noxious weed control (7 percent and six clients) and timber trespass analysis (12 percent and six clients) .



Timber trespass is one of my favorite projects. When trees are cut inadvertently or stolen, one must determine the timber volume using only the number and size of the stumps. Then the total value must be estimated using log values less the harvesting costs. Sometimes I feel like a detective.

If you have an a forestry task that requires some outside help, check on the Services tab to see if I can assist you. If so, send an email through the Contact tab and I will consider your request.


1 year old hybrid poplar

Developing biofuels from poplar trees can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to burning fossil fuels.  Poplar trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store carbon in their stems, branches, and roots.  When poplar biomass is converted to fuel and that fuel is then burned for energy, the stored carbon is released into the atmosphere.  Meanwhile, the trees grow back after harvest and begin to re-capture the carbon back from the atmosphere.  Although the current low price of oil discourages the manufacture of biofuels, there is still potential for extracting other valuable chemicals from the cellulose in wood. Read more and more